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Guarantees of quality

Shapelie manufactures all its products at its own production facilities. We do not hire contractors or hire temporary workers. We do not use other people's patterns and do not pick to pieces Chinese caps to reproduce patterns from them. Shapelie is a team of educated professionals who develop and test each new model according to all rules and standards of the industry. This approach allows us to offer for sale the highest quality, structurally technologically balanced models that always have the right fit on a head, retain their shape and are made of the most optimal materials.

We aim to develop our sales towards European countries, so we pay great attention to compliance with the terms of the EUR1 Protocol (Certificate of Origin). Due to this, we prefer Ukrainian raw materials in production. Cooperation with Ukrainian factories allows us to obtain reliable information about the raw material composition of fabrics, their hygienic and other physical properties, ensures the stability of raw material supply, and consequently the stability of the quality of our products.

Based on this, we can guarantee that

  • All Shapelie's felt hats are made from high-quality Ukrainian fur felt (100% rabbit fur). Articles begin with the letters "VE" or "SU".
  • All caps and hats have viscose silk (100% viscose) or Ukrainian-made shirting cotton (60% cotton, 40% polyester) lining,
  • All types of caps have a browband (strip that comes into contact with the skin) made of 100% Ukrainian-made cotton serge.
  • At least half of the woolen fabrics used for sewing caps are of Ukrainian production. Wool content starts from 70%.
  • All cotton fabrics contain 60 percent or more of cotton.

Warranty repair

Under the condition of correct usage, Shapelie provides a 1-season (6-month) warranty for all its products, as well as provides post-warranty service for products purchased from us.

  • The warranty period for the autumn-winter assortment begins on October 1, regardless of the date of purchase.
  • The warranty period for the spring-summer assortment begins on April 1, regardless of the date of purchase.

Shapelie repairs your headdress free of charge if the following problems occur during the warranty period:

  • One of the stitches of the product came apart.
  • Some decoration detail (ribbon, bow, string) has fallen off.
  • Metal fittings (buttons, eyelets, punch buttons) have fallen off or broken out.
  • A lace has frayed.
  • A corner of the plastic visor in the cap came out.
  • If the felt or straw hat has changed size (shrunk or stretched) within 6 months.

In the event of a warranty case, the Customer should take upon himself/herself the cost of delivering the goods to the Shapelie workshop or to the nearest branch of the logistics company.

Post-warranty service

If something goes wrong with your hat after the warranty has expired, you can also count on technical support from Shapelie. Repair in this case is carried out on a paid basis.

Felt hats

We can reshape your felt hat, remove warped brims, replace worn lining and ribbons, comb and refresh the material, and resize it (±1 size). After such procedures, the hat looks almost like brand new. The only condition is that before repair, be sure to give the hat to the dry cleaner's.

Caps and small hats

In caps, the visor wears out faster than the main part, if the necessary material is available, we replace the visor. If necessary, we can also replace the forehead protector, re-iron the cap on the pad, replace broken hardware or sew up a torn stitch.

Post-warranty repair of products and their delivery to the Shapelie's workshop is paid by the Customer. The cost of repair in each specific case can be different and to be discussed with the manager by phone +38 067 908 57 50.

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