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Size grid

  • The size of a head is its circumference in centimeters. The circumference is measured above the eyebrows through the most protruding points of the frontal surface, above the ears and through the protruding points of the nape.
  • The size of a head is measured only by a soft tailor centimeter tape. Do not use a tape measure, a paper strip or a thread!!!
  • The manager must be notified of the "net" size without any margins or overmeasures.
  • If you want to wear a cap so that you can hide your ears or hair, or just like a loose fit, tell about it to the manager and she will advise you what size is best to order.
  • Shapelie insists on measuring the size in centimeters! S/M/L/XL sizes are very subjective and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so if you're wearing an American or Chinese L-size cap, that doesn't mean our size 59 is right for you.
  • The most comfortable size for you can be different on different models. Please, listen to advices of a manager, she knows not only how each model sits, but also how it behaves when worn.
  • If you do not find your size in the list of sizes of a particular model, check with the manager the possibility of making "to order".
  • If you buy a hat as a gift and do not have the opportunity to measure the size of the head, you can:
  1. Look at the size on the recipient's hats.
  2. Order a gift certificate for a certain amount or for a specific product.

If you have had problems with sizing before, tell about this to the manager.

Complications with the selection of size occur in following cases

  1. if your size is less than 56 or even 54
  2. if your size is larger than 60 or 62
  3. if you have a non-standard oval of the head, i.e. hats often do not fit - a hat presses on the forehead, but the sides are still full of free space, or the fields are ugly curved down from the sides or in other unplanned places

In the first two cases, you should discuss with the manager a model you wish to order. In the third case, it is also possible to adjust the oval, but this task is more difficult and may not be very effective when ordering remotely.

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